Celebrate the “8 days of Hanukkah” the funk / soul way


A great tune from Sharon Jones & the dap kings, to celebrate the holidays! The song’s name is “8 days of Hanukkah”, and it will rock your sock-off!


Dr Dreidel video with Diwon Kosha Dillz and Y-love

Finally there’s some hipster Hanukkah tracks! Diwon made this song called ‘Dr. Dreidel’ with his homie KoshaDillz, you could check out the full song and EP that also features YLove ! Check it now at https://shemspeed.bandcamp.com/album/chanukah-ep



Funny Hannukah Video: gangstaz making latkes. Already a classic!


Hilarious video for Hanukkah, it’s been online for a while but it’s still hilarious. Making latkes in the hood. Share with your friends!